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Goon’s Meet and Greet Party!

I got to thinking tonight… Why not do a meet and greet for my fans??
I will be hosting one at my Sun Palace. There will be games and PvP and a meet and greet session.
You probably have a few questions, right?

•Goon, what can I do to help??
You can invite people (no need to RSVP) by using Twitter, your fan-site, Facebook, anything.

•How do I attend?
You can attend by adding Wolf Bearfriend in the Commons, Unicorn Realm Area 1.
Here’s a picture of him:

•When is it?
The meet and greet will be on September 1st at 2PM Central Time.

•What else do I need to know?
Come prepared for a costume contest (dress your best)
Also, be sure to pack your PvP deck full of spells because we’ll be PvPing as well!

Hope to see you there, and spread the word!

Goon, blog administrator


Top 5 Things to do When You’re Bored

I got to thinking, why not do some posts where I choose the “Top whatever” for fun?  So, without further ado, top things to do when you’re bored!

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Ravenwood Ball and Birthday Bash!


It’s that time of year again!  The best party there is in Wizard101 is coming again this year.  Ravenwood Ball is a party hosted by Fallon Shadowblade that gets a HUGE audience and is a great way to have fun.  Last year there were tons of contests, mini-parties, and even a dance line!

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