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New contest!

Hey everyone!
I decided to host a contest to attract more viewers. The contest can be found on the contest page below my header. The contest features True Friend Codes and KI Free Games Codes. The rules are simple:
• You must leave a comment on this post or the page with your Wizard’s name and email (comments will be deleted once contest is complete)
•The rules for Twitter and posting about the contest are on the widget
•OPTIONAL: Follow blog via email

Please tell others about this contest!
Prizes will be sent out on the 21st of August.

Have fun!

Goon, blog administrator


If I made games, would you play them?

Hey guys, this is gonna be a fairly short post.  I have a question for you, though!  If I were to start making video games for PC and Mac, would you guys play them????

Also, if I made mods for some big name games, do you think you’d download them?  Let me know if you would in the comment section.

I have hockey right now, see you guys later!

Goon, blog administrator

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