Top 5 Things to do When You’re Bored

I got to thinking, why not do some posts where I choose the “Top whatever” for fun?  So, without further ado, top things to do when you’re bored!

1: Train your pets!

Training your pets can be a ton of fun, especially with some Mega Snacks!  Plus, in update 1.80, pets are getting a new level, more games, and you can feed your pets TWICE after Pet Derby matches.  Speaking of Pet Derby, have you tried it out?  You can win some neat prizes, like new pets, and snacks to level your pet up!  Not to mention, training your pet can score you some sweet Pet Talents like Spritely, which casts Sprite to heal you!

If you’re looking to join in on the awesome-sauce fun that is pet training, check out the Pet Pavillion near Prospector Zeke!

2: Test your might in PvP!

One of my favorite things to do is PvP.  In patch 1.80, PvP is becoming more fair, and faster to queue up.  If you take up crafting as a profession, you can craft some AWESOME gear to help you with PvP… If you’re an Ice wizard, you should seriously consider crafting gear.  The Avalon gear gives +84% resist to Storm, +74% resist to Fire, and +54% resist to everything else.  Combine that with a Fortify Aura, and you’re looking at 99% resist for Storm.  Ouch.  I am currently working on crafting this gear…  I’m having trouble collecting Sandstone, though…  Hit up PvP over at Unicorn Way.  You can do practice rounds to get the feel for it, then once you’re ready, try doing Ranked Matches!

3: Gardening!

Gardening is a great way to get Reagents for crafting, and you can make some money off of it, too.  Check out this link: to see the full details on Gardening.

4: Farm Dungeons!

Farming dungeons is a GREAT way to make some gold, and you can get some very nice Level-Appropriate gear.  There’s a spot in Wintertusk called, “Halfang’s Cave” in Vestrilund that drops gear and amulets that you can sell at the Bazaar for around 4k gold a piece!  Not only is farming dungeons a great way to get loot, but a great way to build friendships with people!  Teamwork is definitely a must for dungeons!

5: Quest!

Questing is super fun (if you’re like me, at least).  Some people don’t like questing, but if you slow down and soak in the dialogue, you really get a feel for the world and appreciate it more!  Reading the dialogue also makes you more aware and knowledgeable about the games and what’s going on.


I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did remember to like it!  I am working on making a YouTube and doing different videos on that, more to come later! Stay tuned!


Goon, blog administrator


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